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Updated 05/14/2017

Editable CKCOJ Documents
This is the catalog of editable documents, usually in Word or Excel formats.  Members can download these documents for editing on their personal computers.  To view the current versions in Acrobat format, please go to the catalog page


Advertising Policy (Word document)
  Policy regulating advertising appearing in the CKCOJ Newsletter.

Class Price List (Excel spreadsheet) Effective October 1, 2016

  List of prices charged for CKCOJ classes to members and non-members.   Also policies on price adjustments and attendance.

Class Registration Form Template (Word Document)   Revised 11-2016
  Editable registration form for use to create registration forms for club classes and events.

CKCOJ Governance Documents (Word Documents)

Editable documents.

     Constitution and Bylaws  (Dec. 2009)

     POLICIES  (October 2012)

Event Planning Budget (Excel spreadsheet)
  Editable Excel version of budget proposal
PDF version of budget proposal blank 

Event Planning Checklist for UKC, NADAC trials, seminars, classes, practices  (in editable Excel format)

Event Planning Resources
  Helpful resources for organizing various CKCOJ events:
     4th of July Agility Demo
     Pet photos with Santa
           editable invoice for use at the event (Excel spreadsheet)

CKCOJ Club Advertising Poster (Word Document)

Judge's Contract for UKC Obedience/Rally Form   04/2012
Membership Application  (Word Document)
  Current CKCOJ membership application (revised 9/2/2015).

Obedience Trial Steward Instructions (Word document)
  Step-by-step instructions for ring stewards volunteering at  UKC obedience trails.

Example NADAC Agility Premium (Word Document)
NADAC approved agility premium prepared for the July 2002 agility trial.

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